Friday, September 12, 2008

Great days at Lake Almanor!

We took a week off and joined Mike's family at Lake Almanor  in California.  Mike's parents own a beautiful lake home that we are very blessed to enjoy! It was such a beautiful week, the kids are still excited about it. 
Faster Daddy faster!

Too fast Daddy too fast! ( my bros and sisters will get this one ) hehe
View of the beautiful lake house from the dock!
Cute glasses Cousin Jaycee! 
Joey was a real help on the boat!

 Nicole and one of  her two cute daughter's Jaycee
And of course Granny and Papa's baby! 

My adorable boys, they had a blast!

We parked in the middle of the lake and floated, swam, and even had a diving contest in honor of the Olympics!
Cutie Aja
Toby and Martha aka Granny and Papa, thank you for giving us these memories at your lake house!
Papa and his daughter Hanna, Hanna is great, she kept us well fed all week with her yummy cookin', thanks Hanna!


The Thomas Family said...

That must of been a blast! Fun cousins, fun in-laws, fun lake house, fun boat, fun food, fun kids. Can I come next time? :)