Friday, September 12, 2008

We love you Mom!

Warning! This is going to get a little corny, but this is how I feel!!

I feel very blessed to have you as a Mom. Thank you for all you do to support all of us, and  thank you for who you are! Because you ROCK! 
Thank you for.............
  • For all the years of waking up numerous times at night to switch the laundry
  • always being on time to pick us up 
  • being patient when I was so late ( I get that from you Dad)
  • Giving us the love of books
  • Teaching me how to be a caring Mother
  • Never judging, always loving
  • Loving my babies!
  • Yummy Mac and Cheese
  • For my love of musicals
  • For washing my jeans and not complaining at way too late at night
  • Laundry parties (those were wild)
  • birthday cereal
  • For waking me up in such unforgettable ways..... Good morning to you, good morning to you................ 
  • For Feeding anyone and everyone who walked through your door
  • For ICE CREAM!
  • For showing us what a marriage can be
  • For Loving our Dad
  • I know I'm the favorite, so thank you for making my bro's and sis's feel like you loved them the same:)
I can go on forever! 

Most of all, thank you for Loving us UNCONDITIONALLY!
I could never want nor ask for any more. I love you so much. 

I love this picture!


The Thomas Family said...

Ditto. We do have a good Momma. Can you believe she did it 9 times?! That's one strong women. Love you Momma!

J and J Haroldsen said...

She is amazing. She is one of the most selfless people I know. Sometimes I wish she would do things for herself first but that's just not in her nature. I feel so blessed that she raised such a great man that I get to be with forever!!

mharoldsen said...

Amen. I love you Mama. I love that picture too.

Becca said...

She is a great momma! She almost feels like a mother to me too. All you haroldsens look great!

Dave & Sarah said...

Hi Sarah, its Sarah Rossing. I googled you because I wanted to find you on here :) I have blogger too. Thankfully I found you. I was dieing to know if you had a boy or girl. Oh my gosh, your little Aja is SOOO CUTE!!!! You must be so excited to have a little girl finally :)

Emily Philip said...

that is a good pic of grandma!!

Kat Rose said...

We do have the best mommy in the world! How did we get so lucky?