Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poise Studio was on the Sunrise show!

Poise Studio had the opportunity to be the spotlight last week on a local news station... if you look close you can see wonderful skills from,  Becki Pedersen in Yoga and Belly Dance, Dan Haroldsen in Yoga (very front corner of room), Matt Haroldsen in Yoga, Carol Haroldsen in Yoga (Back corner of room) Kim Johnson in Yoga and Belly Dance, Becca Wintle on Pilates Reformer and Belly Dance and few of Matt's wonderful friends!

 Thank you for everyone for being there at the crack of dawn for this!! I love you all!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SO Funny!

These are not my kids... but is hilarious! Enjoy.I will post new pics of our lives soon!
Dance moves that rock! @ Yahoo! Video

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Big Day.... St. Nick came to town!

Merry Christmas!

Landon's MP3 Player- and of course a Christmas Treat, Warm Hot Chocolate
We have joined the Wii World.... they love it. 
Aja loving on her Daddy. 
Gav is Wii Crazy!
A gift from Landon...... it is a drawing inside of wrapping paper. He told me it was a picture of me pushing Aja out when I had my baby - If you look close, we look like we are inside of a animal.  Abstract! So funny!

Christmas Eve at Casa de Haroldsen!

We had a great Christmas Eve at My brother Dave's house...... with our annual Christmas Story by the cousins!

My beautiful Nieces!
The Photographer...... Matthew Thomas Haroldsen
April....... All I can say is WOW! great pic
The Play....... lasted a whole 3 minutes. It was so cute. 
Gav was Joseph and Landon was a wise man...... they loved the costumes.
The Hostesses with the mostesses...... handsome couple.
What the heak?? I really don't know how I got this pick, all I can say is it got WILD that night!
One of Aja's new found faces........ very excited.
And another face- she does this for pics, it's hilarious!
Cute Haroldsens!
Cassie! Nice hood, I love it. 
Katie- Beautiful Brown eyes!
Kute Kade
Miss Hanna
Santa Gracie
Spiderman Camden
The cousins! We are so glad to live so close to you all!


We have had 2 weeks of snow in Oregon.... and the kids have had a blast! Here is an overview. The only pics I don't have are the fun sledding trips with Grandpa Haroldsen and Uncle Matt, thank you guys!

Enough Snow to Snowboard!
Landon wanted to board non-stop!
This is Aja and her arranged BFF Ivy. They are so cute!
Gavin with our great friends Alina and Kacy. Landon didn't feel like taking a photo opp at that moment. 
Aja oh Aja, so flippin cute!

Kacy was showing off her Ninja skills and breaking Ice..... she is a GOOOD ninja!
Alina looking good in the snow. A true snow bunny.
Gavin....... he is smiling under his warm mask
Our Swimming pool was about a 2 1/2 thick sheet of ice
I was just waiting for Mac to fall in it! This is our back yard........ A summer setting in the snow. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas Tree........

Aja did her part by pulling all the Ornaments off while we put them on! Great Job Aja!
The final product, you can't see in the pic but all the Ornaments are in one area of the tree!
The Designer Landon - he just told Gavin where to put the Ornaments, and put on about 3 ornaments. The official tree manager!
The hard worker- he was determined to get every ornament on the tree! 

Our Christmas Party!

IT was a great night...... it ended here with the kids crashed out on the couch. One of their favorite things... sleeping on the couch. PARTY! 

Landon is so Happy he is smiling in his sleep... Happy Kid - 
Partied out!
Nice  Hot Chocolate Stash Gav- you wear it well
Oh Yes, Landon, with that Stash I would guess 19 years old
Our Gingerbread house..... it tastes good too!

This was before our Dance Party to Jackson 5 Christmas..... oh yes, we partied!
 We also decorated the house for Christmas (this was the 1st week of December, I'm late on posting) ....  it was a great night! Merry Christmas!