Monday, July 14, 2008

We have such a great family!

We had ALL of our family in town the last few weeks, the count was 42 people!~ it was action packed, as you can see by the photos~ yes, there are allot of them, and there is much much more. We feel very blessed to have such a great family. Sorry to Kat, Joe, Dan, and Dave some how you hid from the camera. You didn't make the cut......... We Loved seeing all of you!!

The cute cousins! Spencer, Gavin, Landon, Jens' brother in law, and Karly- 
Aja is quite the drooler! Of course still a cutie
See~ told ya!
Aja likes to stay up on whats in-- Big Sunglasses. That's my girl:)

Beautiful Becki holding Aja 
SMILE! Jen, Danny, and Matt. Meet Danny, Matt's partner. Danny is a hair Stylist, he did at least 12 cuts while here, Thanks Danny!! We love the NY dews. 
My cute nieces and sister Maddie, Jenn, and Cassie ( I have more cute nieces but they didn't make the photo) 
Jenn's cute familia! I love them and will miss them when they leave.
My time to go NY~  Danny I love the flip action:)
Love it Danny~ thank you thank you thank you!
Papa Hayden night~ Nothing like a big mound of tasty sugar at midnight
 My Matt, man your handsome
And more .....
Pump it out girl!  Aja  is such a happy baby, especially when releasing tummy pains~ 
And of course, family Yoga!! 
Family hike........... and rest time. 
And of course POOL PARTY! Matt has a little fear of water...... it's OK Matt I'd jump in for you!