Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Gavin with his bud Danner
Cutest Bear!
This is Aja's 2nd outfit, her real costume was a monkey, it was so cute but within an hour it was soiled and done for the day........ So, her back up was a Pink Bear!
Gavin and Landon had the day off from school, so they came with me to help teach My Kids Yoga Class........ Great tree pose Racer X!
Ready to trick or treat! Gavin is Racer X from Speed Racer and Landon is Iron Man ( He really disliked the mask.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Gavin!!

We had an impromptu Birthday party for Gavin's 7th Birthday. I planned it the day of....... and pulled it off thanks to our local bowling alley and arcade! It was a blast!

Ivy and Aja predestined to be BFF'S!

This is Scarlet's version of playing Ski Ball!
Julie and Sean our long time great friends!
Janelle and Kaci........... Beautiful girls!
Bionicles...... always make Gavin Smile!
Happy 7 year old
Skater cake

Cute kids
Alina and Gavin

Alina and Kaci.... I love these girls!
Aja showing off her tongue tricks
Notice the Care bear shirt......... SO cute!
Gavin and his great bud Danner Happy Birthday Gavin! We love you! 

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to a great Pumpkin Patch with Landon's school, It has a Ferry that takes you to the Pumpkin Patch and a Train that takes you back, the kids loved it!

Landon with his friends Ryder and Evelyn
Becca and Ryder on the ferry
Landon and I ~ Landon was having a moment........
And the conclusion on the day!! Gav's on the left, Landon on Right
And our 3 monsters! Aja the Princess, Gavin Frankenstein and Landon the Pirate! Happy Halloween!!!