Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Gavin with his bud Danner
Cutest Bear!
This is Aja's 2nd outfit, her real costume was a monkey, it was so cute but within an hour it was soiled and done for the day........ So, her back up was a Pink Bear!
Gavin and Landon had the day off from school, so they came with me to help teach My Kids Yoga Class........ Great tree pose Racer X!
Ready to trick or treat! Gavin is Racer X from Speed Racer and Landon is Iron Man ( He really disliked the mask.)


Kat Rose said...

So Cute! I bet Mike liked your costume Sarah. The kids look great.

Wendy said...

Oh, so cute! Totally understand about the costume getting dirty in no time! I had to wash Trevy's dress after the ward trunk-or-treat on Wednesday before she could wear it on Halloween! (Lest anyone think that the tornado really did this Dorothy in! She wouldn't let me do her hair!)

Can't wait to see Popeye! Out of curiosity, how much does Oliveoil charge?

The Thomas Family said...

Love your new template.
Talk about some adorable costumes, Mike and you included. It's posts like this , that make me wish we lived closer. I soo wish I could of seen your little guys in person. Soo fun!
I can't wait to see the picture of Mike with muscles and all. By the way Sarah you make one GORGEOUS Pokahontus. Whoo hoo pretty lady. :)

Tammie said...

What a cute family!!

Emily said...

We really are on the same timepage with our kiddos. Yours are adorable! Isn't it fun having a girl this time around?!