Monday, July 14, 2008

We have such a great family!

We had ALL of our family in town the last few weeks, the count was 42 people!~ it was action packed, as you can see by the photos~ yes, there are allot of them, and there is much much more. We feel very blessed to have such a great family. Sorry to Kat, Joe, Dan, and Dave some how you hid from the camera. You didn't make the cut......... We Loved seeing all of you!!

The cute cousins! Spencer, Gavin, Landon, Jens' brother in law, and Karly- 
Aja is quite the drooler! Of course still a cutie
See~ told ya!
Aja likes to stay up on whats in-- Big Sunglasses. That's my girl:)

Beautiful Becki holding Aja 
SMILE! Jen, Danny, and Matt. Meet Danny, Matt's partner. Danny is a hair Stylist, he did at least 12 cuts while here, Thanks Danny!! We love the NY dews. 
My cute nieces and sister Maddie, Jenn, and Cassie ( I have more cute nieces but they didn't make the photo) 
Jenn's cute familia! I love them and will miss them when they leave.
My time to go NY~  Danny I love the flip action:)
Love it Danny~ thank you thank you thank you!
Papa Hayden night~ Nothing like a big mound of tasty sugar at midnight
 My Matt, man your handsome
And more .....
Pump it out girl!  Aja  is such a happy baby, especially when releasing tummy pains~ 
And of course, family Yoga!! 
Family hike........... and rest time. 
And of course POOL PARTY! Matt has a little fear of water...... it's OK Matt I'd jump in for you!


Mama Dew said...

You all have too much fun! How nice to have everyone at home at once. Thanks for the many pictures. Little Aja is the cuttest - ever! Love her little headband (?) in the first few pictures.

Carol and Gary said...

Ohh good times good times. Do we really have to go home ?!
It was a blast! I'm going to miss you like crazy Sarah. Why can't we live closer?!

Carol and Gary said...

Okay that last comment was from me Jenn not Momma, although I'm sure she had a blast too.

Love ya Sista, Jenn

Wendy said...

You really do have a great family, they are like the nicest people ever and a lot of fun. So, I am coming to visit ya. I am hoping to make it out there Aug. 6th-13th, that is tentative of course because I am coming standby but I will let you know as it gets closer. Make sure you leave a couple of days open for me so we can hang out and catch up.

Chelle said...

What a blast to have everyone together. With a large family I know how hard that is to do. These pictures are great and it looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing your family time with all of us.

Kat Rose said...

Great pics! Fun,fun,fun!! Wish I could have stayed longer.

Carol and Gary said...

Sarah - Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them...
Families are the greatest part of life.... Mom

Becca said...

great pictures! I would have like to be part of that family reunion! I'm family, right? You new hair is great. Very slimming.

paula said...

I have been at chelles the past few days and were are catching up on everyones blogs. Sat night and the move is finished and waiting for baby Edmond to arrive. Your pic's are so beautiful. Aja is a doll. Didn't get to visit with you much at fair this year. Didn't get any swimming lessons. Maybe next year. Love you Paula

Matt Haroldsen said...

I love that I can see you whenever I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!