Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our birth Story..... baby Aja

The Buttons the boys were to take Aja home
Aja's 1st time in her car seat, no complaints.
Dad with his new daughter
Very happy brother, 1st time holding his sister Aja
Look at her toes, legs, lips......... they want to check out every part of her. So cute!

And her "going Home" outfit, I am excited to dress her. 
The Boys are pointing out there buttons...... very proud!
Our Peanut! Aja Elizabeth

It all started fast~ Wednesday April 30 @ 11:30pm and I was pushing w/in an hour .............. Mike was great support. I love you Mike.  After some unexpected events, one being Aja's hand over her head  while trying to come out, after 3+ hours of pushing~ I had to go to the hospital to finish my labor. 

Our Peanut was born May 1st  5:20am and was officially named by Gavin soon after.  It has been a wonderful week and we feel very blessed to have Aja in our life. 
Thanks for all of your kind words and support! 


Mel said...

Congratulation! She is beautiful! Well worth the wait! The boys look so proud to be big brothers, how neat for your family! We would like to come visit soon but know you are busy with family and resting and enjoying your baby so, know that we care and that we are giving you time with your baby not because we don't want to see her but because we care and want you to have that time to rest and just enjoy! We will call you soon! Let us know if there is anything you need!!

Becca said...

I love her going home outfit! SO CUTE! Dressing girls is so fun.

Kat Rose said...

She is so beautiful!! I love her already.

The Thomas Family said...

Can't wait to meet her in person. LOVE her little going home outfit. I still can't beleive you have a daughter. We are thrilled for you all! Love you!

Jill Bagley said...

its so great to finally see your baby!!!
i knew it would be a girl!!! you deserved it after that labor it sounds like.
not fun!! that must have been really hard to have to push that long , and then have to go to the hospital.
did you have to have a c-section? or forceps?
can i come and bring you a dinner or something?
Julie and i will figure out something. so glad to have you healthy and happy. and your baby is so beautiful!!

april said...

i just LUV seeing your family with a baby GIRL :-) what a great time in your family's life. love you guys tons!