Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Catching up.....

I decided it was time to catch up on my blog. Aja is now 3 weeks old and has such a sweet calm spirit. She sleeps and eats well, and the boys can't get enough of her. The next few blogs should catch you up on our lives.  Gavin is finishing Kindergarden, and Landon Preschool. We are looking forward to the SUN! Summers coming soon.  

Thank you all for all your kind words and support through the last month. 


Kat Rose said...

I love you. Wish I could see sweet Aja.

Heather said...

Sarah!!!!! Oh my gosh, I was so happy to see you found my blog and you have one too, that is great. Your kids are beautiful, and I can’t believe how big Gavin is now, wow. And a new baby girl, what a blessing. We are living in Hillsboro, in the Rock Creek neighborhood. Email me when you get a minute:

We would be really happy to come and visit you sometime soon :) I see your Poise studio every day, I go to the post office up the road for work daily and have been wondering when it will open, and it’s awesome it’s YOU opening it.

Mary said...

Hey Sarah its Mary, you know your cousin in Utah. What a cute family you have. Congrats!!!

The Fillmore Floggers said...


Your little girl is so cute. I am happy for you guys. It sounds like everything turned out good in the end but would you reccomend a home birth now having done both?

Chelle said...

Thanks for visiting our blog, it's been great to catch up on your family here.

You have a beautiful family and I'm digging your music.