Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Baby yet!

Landon loves these glasses! He brings them almost everywhere, they are 3-D Glasses from the U2 show...... In his words...... they are SO Cool. Gavin's a gamer. He loves his Game Boy when we have our chill time. 

I am running late, but still in high spirits! We are all looking forward to baby Balmer #3. Landon has a pile of toys for the baby, including a Yo yo and Paper Airplane. Gavin is so intrigued by my belly. Loving to watch it move trying to guess if it's an arm or leg. Mike has been sweet putting up with my obsessive nesting, and helping out with it allot! He cleaned the toilets for my last week, this is a landmark moment:)

I will post pictures as soon as we have news!


what kind of a name is abra said...

Hello beautiful! Hang in there, I forgot to tell you my guess. APril20, your almost there.....and as much as I WANT you to have a girl, I'm with KAt, I think your a boy mama.

Mel said...

any day now! although my guess of the 15th was wrong...i am going for the 20th now :) hang in there you are doing great! let me know what i can help with!

Matt Haroldsen said...

i love that belly!! now the due date i chose is today so it would really help me out if you could push that thing out before midnight!! i cant wait to see that cute things face....and can't wait to find out that it is a girly!!

Jill Bagley said...

the pressure is mounting isnt it? im sure you are getting so sick of everyone asking if you are having contractions and all of that.
im just so excited for you. i will be waiting on bated breath to see when you have this baby.
hope youll be able to post it, or email or something!!!
or, you could text everyone the joyus news.
cant wait!!