Saturday, March 22, 2008

After you take the Poll- make sure to post your vote here!

Not to toot my own horn~ but when it comes to deserts, I got skill. Make sure to note your date of choice in this blog, so I can keep track of the winner! Just click on the comments below to post! The Vote for boy or girl could be a tie breaker! Good luck.....


The Thomas Family said...

Okay Luke and I have our votes in. We of course guessed a girl on the 18th of April. We can't wait to see how everything plays out.
Love you sista!

You sure have one HOT belly.

Amy said...

April 12th, and get ready for pink onesies!

Jamie said...

I'm going with a comment you made about being always being a week late. I voted the 21st and a girl.

LOVE the paintings.

Kat Rose said...

I say April 14th and I want to say girl. (Because girls rule) But I really feel like it will be a boy. Darn, hope I'm wrong. :)

Mel said...

I am saying girl on tax day...April 15th :) But I will bring you some back up boys clothes tomorrow just in case :)

Matt Haroldsen said...

i forgot to post what day I guessed..April 18th was me guess... I see that that was Jen's guess also... I feel it..that's rite!!!

Jill Bagley said...

yes, maybe your baby will be born tomorrow!!!
you'll never forget your taxes again!!
Im so excited for you. it will be any day now.
what are you doing lately? i cant believe your having a home birth!!! you are so brave.
I tried it natural with Ezra and was In disbelief about how bad it hurt!! but there are a lot of people that dont have it that way--i guess. and i guess your one of them!! Lucky.
what dessert did you make?
im curious.
GOod luck with your birth!! ill be thinking of you and hoping that you get a little girl!!
talk soon.

Matt Haroldsen said...

so...i just re-voted for the that legal?? My first vote was the 18th but I figure since I am the oldest unmarried uncle with brown hair and blue eyes..i get a second vote..